Friday, February 6, 2009

Work Place Violence, it can happen to you................

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Will it happen at my place of employment?
Hang on to your hat, here are some facts when considering whether or not it “can happen” at your workplace. Recognizing that workplace violence (serious and lesser) occurs at almost all workplaces is the first step to preventing and preparing for an effective response. For example DID YOU KNOW?
• 2 Million Americans each year (that’s right 2 million)are victims of workplace violence of some sort
• 1,000 Americans are killed in the workplace each year
• 40,000 Americans are victims of aggravated assault in the workplace each year
• Workplace homicides account for 1 out of every 6 fatal occupational injuries each year
• More assaults occur in the healthcare and social service industry than any other occupation
Action vs. Reaction or Prevention & Preparation
Preventing and responding to violent or potentially violent intruders at our places of employment should include the development of policies and procedures to address the following:
Action will always be faster than reaction…………….
• Informing & Enforcing “Zero Tolerance” as the expectation
• Behavioral pre-cursors to “workplace violence”
• Recognizing behavioral pre-cursors and effective intervention to such
• Developing atmosphere and support resources for open communication
• Physical Security Entry Access Protocols
• Program & Policy Development
• Lock Down Protocols
• Secure in Place vs. Immediate Evacuation Response Protocols
• Employee management & locating during “secure in place” decisions
• What to expect from the law enforcement response
• Liaison w/ local law enforcement response & coordination of emergency action planning

Wew can not say it will never happen to us, we must prepare!
The motorcycle rider wears leathers not because he plans on crashing.........

"There are things that you cannot imagine, but there is nothing that
may not happen!" John Farnham

Stay safe,


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