Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thieves prey on people pumping gas

Thieves prey on people pumping gas
Reported by: Sun-Sentinel
Reported by: WPTV staff
Last Update: 7:41 am


WEST PALM BEACH, FL -- Police say thieves are after distracted drivers, that is, people who are distracted at the pump.

While you're busy filling up, robbers are busy picking your pocket!

Police also want to remind drivers not to leave their keys in the car.

They say a lot of the time people will leave the keys behind when they go inside to pay.

According to our news partners at the Sun-Sentinel, at least 15 gas station thefts over the past month are under investigation.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Training your Sub Conscious Mind.....

Personal Defensive Tactics LLC
Imagery Training for Wining and Survival and the Power of the Sub Conscious Mind!
For the armed or unarmed citizen....
Do you remember many years ago when you were first legally able to carry a concealed firearm? The first time you walked into the bank to take care of some banking business, you were armed in plain clothes. Suddenly you realized, hey, banks get robbed every day and so you began formulating a plan in your mind of what you would do if armed assailants were suddenly to converge on the very bank you were standing in? How you would move, what you would say, who you would shoot first? If you did, it was your introduction to “Imagery Training” and I can guaranty you have been doing it ever since that first session. You do not have to be armed with a gun or knife, just mentally motivated to be a “Sheep Dog” and not a sheep. I know I have and it has enabled me to survive several life and death encounters! I used to deliver yachts up and down the east coast of the United States for extra money. While running offshore there is much monotony and time of self reflection, or just plain nothing to do or look at except wide open ocean 360 degrees around you. So I would begin to work out scenarios in my mind of what I would do if the boat I was on suddenly began to sink. I did this on every trip; every boat as each boat and trip were different and required a new plan. So, what was I actually doing? I was formulating a plan; I was not writing anything down or telling anyone else, I was simply storing the information in my sub conscious mind, for use at no pre determined time or place. Well as you can imagine that time and place came through no choice of my own S—t Happens! I will give you the abbreviated version in my next article, in an effort to get to the point in a timely fashion.
I have been a student of the Sub Conscious mind for almost 30 years, and I am especially interested in an area of psychology; Let us call it the “Sixth Sense” if you will. Do ever recall walking a foot post or similar, and for some reason being drawn to a particular area or door? It may be to check the door to make sure it is locked as you continue on your rounds? It may be an underground garage or parking area as you pass through on Patrol. While the next day or several days later, the door you checked was kicked in and the business robbed? Or someone was attacked in the parking garage, precisely in the area you had walked through just hours before? Is this a coincidence or a pre-disposed consequence of a higher sub-conscious awareness, or just dumb luck or lack thereof? Why were all the ferries on scene of Flight 1549 on the Hudson River so quickly? Did the ferry Captains practice this in there sub conscious minds? Why do some people survive seemingly un-survivable events? Did they have some sort of rehearsal training in their mind? What will we be mentally capable of in 50 years as species? Are there really mind readers? Now let me digress and let’s talk about simply preparing for events mentally. We know imagery training is gaining in popularity, globally. We know by simply thinking about something in our mind and going over it time and time again, that we become better at it without ever actually doing it. Do you prepare in your mind what you will say before you talk to a group, go on a job interview? If so how much better is your presentation or performance? If you did it was your sub conscious belief or as I consider it addiction to “Imagery Training” and I can guaranty, if you prescribe to it can make a difference and will make a difference when you need it the most!
Stay safe,

Andrew C. Hopkinson

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